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We came across Paweł’s portfolio on the website listing the best wedding photographers and that was already a very good recommendation. The first thing that struck us in his work was its unpretentiousness. We are both nature-lovers and keen travellers and just by looking at his pictures we could tell that we share some common interests.

Still we emailed a few photographers and what made Paweł stand out was that he was the only one that actually asked us to write something about ourselves and how we imagined our wedding. This was especially important for us, because on that day we wanted to be surrounded by people with whom we get on well and that don’t feel strangers to us. We got convinced that Paweł would be the best possible photographer for our wedding and he gladly agreed to be one!

Paweł is a very easy-going person but at the same time he is also professional. He took care of all the necessary details and was happy to discuss questions we had, being always very responsive. Believe me or not, but having reliable people in your wedding team is a bless.

Our big day came and finally we had a chance to see our photographer in action. Or maybe rather not to see because he was literally invisible, in the best sense. If you expect to be asked to do tens of weird poses you’d never actually think of, you will be disappointed. Lamps flashing straight in your face? Not this time. Paweł just blended with surrounding and at the end guests wondered when he actually took all those pictures.
The cherry on the top are of course the photos themselves. Paweł didn’t know our guests but his experienced eye quickly spotted which of them rocked the dance floor and which were our love birds. The pictures capture the moments of joy, emotion and amusement. Our two pairs of eyes were not able to register all of them on the day, but by looking at the photos we feel we kind of re-discover our wedding all over again.

We are very happy with the entire experience and we can surely recommend him. Paweł, keep doing your great job!

– Agata & Konrad

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